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Area rugs, for beauty and protection

Area rugs are chosen for a wealth of reasons important to the homeowner, but it all comes down to beauty and protection. In fact, both can actually be at work in the same time, depending on the strategic use of each rug. Choose one rug for a major focal point in an entryway, or spread them throughout your home for protection that runs all the way through, as both will look to serve your specific purposes. The truth is, there’s no wrong way to use an area rug, and we’re sure you’ll find amazing ways to use your own.

Gilman Floors has been in business since 2001, serving the areas of Hilton Head, Bluffton, Beaufort, Savannah, and Hardeeville. What started as an in-home shopping experience for nearby residents soon became an actual storefront, as we saw greater needs rising in our local communities. With a stern desire to meet those needs with a great selection of flooring and services, as well as a dedication to customer satisfaction, we are currently offering those services from our showroom in Hilton Head, SC. We hope that you will stop by soon and allow us the honor of serving you as well.

What area rugs can do for you

If you have any heavy furniture pieces in your home, chances are area rugs would serve you well. These pieces can often leave great dents in hard surface flooring, or even crush carpet, creating damages that you just can’t come back from. With area rugs in place under those pieces, however, you are much less likely to see that happen. In the event that you move those pieces, the flooring underneath should look just as good as it did when you placed the furniture.
High fashion area rugs in Beaufort, SC from Gilman Floors
As a decor element, you’ll find area rugs a true delight. There are plenty of colors, designs, patterns, fabrics, and bindings to choose from, so matching what you already have in place is an easy feat. Placing a large area rug in an entryway can be a great way to welcome guests. Better still, it can work to trap and hold dirt and debris that would otherwise be dispersed throughout your home to damage your flooring. This debris can scratch hard surface flooring, while creating dinginess in carpets.

For cleaning purposes, area rugs can easily be moved to another location or transported to a professional service. Either way, they can be cleaned and replaced with ease.

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